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We provide tax preparation, consulting, and compliance services to U.S. citizens living abroad or U.S. citizens with foreign investments. We specialize in dealing with complex tax matters related to passive foreign investment companies (PFIC’s) as well as voluntary disclosure reporting for U.S. citizens seeking to come into compliance with IRS.

Our added value comes from our experience and expertise in international taxation and our ability to accurately assess our client’s specific needs. We maintain a strong network of international taxation attorneys enabling us to provide our clients with an additional level of support and a robust range of services.

As a boutique tax firm, we treat every client with personal attention and take pride in our client’s satisfaction.    


Dear Leonard,


I was delighted to learn from you that you moved forward and opened your very own accounting firm.


As your client, for many years now, I was and continue to be impressed by your attitude, always remembering that behind the paperwork, there is an individual in need of your professional skills.


Thank you,

Amnon E.